Welcome to
the idyllic High Coast!

Rent a room or a cottage

in the middle of the High Coast For information and booking, phone: 
0613 - 400 02 or 403 01 

"The cottage" 
Twin cottage with 2 - 4 beds in each part. Pantry, Tv, WC a.o

"The rooms" 
Simple single- and double-rooms with WC and shower in the passage.

Swimming-pool for the guests in summer. 

The High Coast-Boats departures from the jetty 50 m. below the rooms.

"Hotel room" 
We have also 3 high standard hotel rooms.

Docksta Baren

Dockstavägen 40
873 96 Docksta
Phone: 0613 - 400 02    
E-Mail: dockstabaren@telia.com

Opening hours

During the period 12 June to 13 August

Every day 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.